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Q:  Do you ship overseas?

A:  Yes, we ship indium and germanium overseas, but not iridium sponge (due to international air transport restrictions).  Prior to purchase please research, be aware of, and prepare to comply with any taxes and tariffs which your home country might impose upon receipt.

Q:  I’m nervous about purchasing from an online business.  What guarantees do I have?

A:  We understand that online businesses have difficulty overcoming this obstacle despite the substantially lower commissions which online sales allow. We have implemented several measures to help.  First, please check the online reputation of any business.  You will see that PreciousMetalPurchase currently has no complaints – as tends to quickly occur whenever problems exist.  We are a US based business and offer small, relatively inexpensive quantities of metal down to 1 gram.  Lastly the founder, Loren Howe, has been an online advocate of precious metals with a good reputation for over a decade.

Q:  Will you sell other rare industrial metals in the future?  Why don’t you sell _____ metal?

A:  The metals we carry are chosen for numerous reasons including: high value to weight ratio, no toxicity, and what we feel are favorable long term market conditions.  Indium, germanium, and iridium, in our opinion and based on recent history, are most likely to become widely accepted alongside gold, silver, and other platinum group metals as alternate stores of value.  If continued interest is shown in one or more additional metals, we will be glad to expand our offerings in the future.  Check for additional rare industrial metals.

Q:  Why do you sell iridium in sponge (powder) form and not bars?

A:  Iridium has one of the highest melting points of any element.   For this reason it is far easier for commercial users to work with sponge.  To form solid bars, while convenient, would incur fabrication costs and significantly diminish the ultimate value of the product.

Q:  I’m located in California, do I pay sales tax on this investment?

A:  If you are not a registered business, but are shipping to a California address, then sales tax must be added.

Q:  What paperwork is filed with the government when I buy these metals?

A:  The metals we carry do not fall under Federal reporting requirements specific to gold and silver – in the same way that industrial metals have not been historically subject to confiscation orders as were gold and silver.  We do, however, voluntarily implement anti-money laundering best management practices to investigate the source of funds for large or suspicious transactions.