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Precious Metal Purchase was established to serve many specific needs:

  1. There was previously no efficient method for investors or small businesses to purchase and later resell limited quantities of rare industrial metals.
  2. In recent years, the prices of gold and silver have risen dramatically while other rare metals currently sell far below their historical maximums. Until now, hard asset investors were unable to diversify or take advantage of these lower prices.
  3. Historically, indium, germanium, and iridium have been less subject to government regulation and confiscation than gold or silver.  Since they are not widely recognized, rare industrial metals may be less of a target for any type of theft.
  4. Indium, germanium, and iridium are not traded through large commercial exchanges such as the COMEX, and are less likely to be held in bank controlled stockpiles. Therefore these metals are less vulnerable to downward price pressure through short selling or stockpile liquidation.
  5. Indium, germanium, and iridium provide unique safety features for some investors. In addition to less general recognizability than bullion coins, each product we sell also comes with a security seal and unique serial number.  In the event of theft, please contact our office to report the serial number of any stolen item.
  6. Indium, germanium, and iridium are used almost entirely by industry, and investment encourages greater production of these valuable resources.  These metals are produced in very small amounts leading to strong upward price pressure during periods of increased demand.
  7. Precious Metal Purchase was founded, in part, to provide a more transparent and fair experience for investors and proponents of sound currency and hard assets.

Please use the links on our metals pages to assist in your research, and feel free to contact us with any questions or when you are ready to buy or sell.

Loren Howe, Founder of Precious Metal Purchase