Your source for the purchase and resale of rare industrial metals
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Purchase IndiumWe specialize in the sale and repurchase of rare industrial metals.

Our intent is to provide a marketplace for metals which, in the past, were not

readily accessible to buyers and investors.




Please call or email to verify, lock in a price and obtain buying or selling instructions.  We sell and repurchase in amounts down to one gram.

Prices of rare industrial metals tend to be more volatile than broadly traded metals such as gold. Prices and buy/sell spreads may fluctuate greatly during periods of volatility. Prices and availability shown above are indications only, and may occasionally be modified intraday during periods of rapid market change.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  We endeavor to provide friendly service and clear information.

Why Purchase Indium, Germanium, or Iridium as Investments?

Indium, germanium, and iridium are rare metals with strong fundamentals that are just being discovered by hard asset investors.  Enormous gains were realized by investors who bought near the beginning of the ongoing silver and gold bull market.  Precious Metal Purchase was founded in anticipation that other precious metals, particularly indium, germanium, and iridium show an equal or greater investment potential to the early silver and gold markets of a decade ago.

Despite their relatively low prices, indium is 40 times more rare than silver, germanium is 20 times more rare than gold, and iridium is 500 times more rare than gold by mining production.  Furthermore indium, germanium, and iridium are still priced below their historical highs, often close to their cost of production.   These precious metals are used almost entirely for a wide array of technologies, and cannot be quickly or easily replaced.   Considering rarity, industrial need, and the ongoing devaluation of world currencies, we feel that indium, germanium, and iridium offer a unique investment potential.

Precious Metal Purchase allows small and mid-sized investors their first opportunity to take delivery and physically buy and sell these rare industrial metals.  We also give commercial end users greater flexibility, as the first supplier with a repurchase policy.  Our metal pages provide some initial links to begin your research.  Again, please contact us with any questions or if you are ready to make a purchase or resale.